Sunday, February 17, 2008

Now You can upload 1000 Images in your Orkut Profile album

Now You can upload 1000 Pictures in your Orkut Profile album

On 12th of Feb Orkut announced one more good news for its users, The maximum image limit in any orkut profile album was only 12 till last year but not now, its now increased to a whooping THOUSAND (1000 Images) maximum, and to make upload process easy and fast orkut also made a plugin software for Internet Explorer users to upload multiple images to their album at once as simple as copy paste :)For the rest of the web browsers like Firefox, opera and safari I am expecting same type of arrangements from Google soon.

The complete process of uploading the images is explained in orkut help center blog.

New Features added in orkut in 2007 that changed the looks,feel and acceptance of orkut.

As all of you know that Orkut has completed its complete 4 years in Jan 2008 as a Giant in the field of social networking with global coverage and acceptance.

Year 2007 was a big year in the history of orkut, this year so many features added, flaws removed and security of profiles increased that now we can say that orkut is a true, safe and secure social networking site.

Now I am going to mention some of the big changed that orkut has seen in last year.

1) Jan 2008: Orkut on SMS in Brazil
Notification of new scrap, friend request, new message and much more through SMS on your mobile 24x7. Also a new Mobile tab in settings page (Working only for Brazilian users right now)

2) Feb 2008:  Video scraps launched by orkut using direct links of YouTube and Google Videos. Orkut users also provided with their personal favorite video albums where they can store upto 250 Video links

3) Mar 2008: Orkut Buyukkokten visited Brazil for the first time in his life and he spent 3 weeks there. As all you know that Brazil dominates orkut in terms of percentage of users from Brazil that is almost Two Third (2/3) of total orkut users. Here in this album you can see the pictures of that visit.

4) Apr 2008: Community polls and voting in communities started in orkut. Because earlier it was very difficult to count and manage the polls of community users through the voting in threads.

5) May 2008: Using add stuff button feed integration started in orkut profiles with the help of which any one can display  his blog or website feeds and even the picasa feeds.

6) Jun 2008:

7) Jul 2008:

8) Aug 2008:

9) Sep 2008:

10) Oct 2008:

11) Nov 2008:

12) Dec 2008:

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Latest Trends, New Changes and features, future developments and plans of orkut social networking site

          This Blogging site is specially dedicated to new and latest developments and advancements in orkutting world a social networking site which helped in bringing people closer from across the globe in a big way.

         This blog will feature the explanation all those technical aspects of orkutting which will help orkut users to utilize those features fully.

         In the following posts I will explain and mention some of those great developments in orkutting world in the past 1 year which changed the feel of orkutting fully.

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